Herrljunga Granola

Small batch, organic granola with chocolate, oats, pistachios, raisins and coconut oil from the heart of Sweden. Born from the love of long mornings, quiet breakfasts and home made granola, Herrljunga Granola started as a personal project but quickly became something that friends and colleagues requested to buy. With this said Art Director, Johan Reinhold…



Album cover, poster and various art work for Sweden’s premiere rap star, Petter. After being the first rapper to be a part of the Swedish success TV-series, Så Mycket Bättre, Petter reached out to Johan Reinhold to design and illustrate the album cover, posters and various online material to help support the record.      


The Sounds

The Sounds are a Swedish indie rock band who needed a make over to support their latest single.   The Sound quickly made it in their native Sweden with singles like ”Hit Me” and ”Living in America” and after appearing at Bam Margera’s (Jackass) wedding on MTV which fueled a hugh success the also made it…


Werners Gourmet

Werners previously only catered to restaurateurs with their gourmand recipes but that is now history. The project started out as mainly a recipe bank which was to be a stand alone website which then also became a gourmand magazine of sorts with interesting articles and reviews from all over the globe. I was enlisted to do the…


The Bond

A newly formed communication agency that needed a visual identity. The Bond communication agency reached out for me to help with their visual identity. My work included designing the logotype, branding, imagery, business cards and stationary.    


Warner Music

Upon the release of the new single ”Heart in a Jar”, Warner Music Group wanted a parallax website to support it. Heart In A Jar by Swedish artist Reinhold was to be released with a special web site designed parallax style, all about heart break. I did the art work for the single and design…



One of Sweden’s biggest music exports in the last decade.   You have probably heard their single »Pumpin Blood«, whistling away to its catchy melody without even knowing its NONONO as it quickly became one of the most played songs all over the globe when released. I did all the artwork including the logotype, art…


Shoot Me Down

To break a new artist globally not only the music needs to stand out Warner Music Group needed an up to par website to support the debut single ”Shoot Me Down” to gain recognition globally. I was hired to design the website which became a single-page-parallax website that eventually won over three global design awards…


Reinhold Record Covers

Various vinyl and record covers To support the releases of recording artist Reinhold we needed to come up with a uniform design that mirrored each song title, a logotype and branding. I designed and did the final artwork for all record covers including supporting posters.