Atelier Graphique

Logo, illustrations, magazine and web for Swedish design studio and interior brand, Atelier Graphique.   In just six months time Atelier Graphique went from zero to being hailed in Sweden’s biggest interior design magazines as the coolest thing to hang on your walls with their high end and hand drawn prints. I did the branding, all illustrations and designed…



A small-batch, artisanal Islay Dry Gin, combining only the nine classic gin botanicals that are local to the island.   Grüber 55, a premium spirit named after Heinrich Grüber (1891 – 1975), a Reformed theologian, opponent of Nazism and pacifist. Gin, which derives from its predominant flavor juniper berries. From its earliest origins in the Middle Ages, gin…


Herrljunga Granola

Small batch, organic granola with chocolate, oats, pistachios, raisins and coconut oil from the heart of Sweden. Born from the love of long mornings, quiet breakfasts and home made granola, Herrljunga Granola started as a personal project but quickly became something that friends and colleagues requested to buy. With this said Art Director, Johan Reinhold…


The Bond

A newly formed communication agency that needed a visual identity. The Bond communication agency reached out for me to help with their visual identity. My work included designing the logotype, branding, imagery, business cards and stationary.    



One of Sweden’s biggest music exports in the last decade.   You have probably heard their single »Pumpin Blood«, whistling away to its catchy melody without even knowing its NONONO as it quickly became one of the most played songs all over the globe when released. I did all the artwork including the logotype, art…